Virtual One to One

Amidst school closures and social distancing, we have a REMOTE solution that enables real-time interaction for children and parents in their own home.


It all starts with a discussion

Starting with a discussion with each parent/set of parents where PET-Xi finds out exactly what they need and to book in their one to one sessions.

Key Points

  • Teaching & Learning (Curriculum focused and relevant to different ages/Key stages)
  • Projects, poetry, activities, art and creativity
  • Entirely child- centred
  • Weekly themed competition
  • Providing a sense of belonging

PET-Xi Virtual One to One tutors are perfectly placed to provide structure, support and direction

Sample Timetable
PET Xi Virtual Tutor - Virtual One to One


For further information please contact:

Bob or 07852 030328, Gavin or 07880 380098 or Steve or 07880 388260