Basket 3 - Topic Focus Revision Programmes

Whichever Basket 3 you are delivering, we can provide focussed revision sessions.

The Topic Focus revision menu offers a range of one to three day options designed to address specific elements of the GCSE syllabus. Learners are guided through a selective coverage of the syllabus, building up a personalised revision folder. Daily ‘Confidence Tests’ are also completed to measure daily progress. Set Menu options are available for all exam boards, as well as the option to select a bespoke programme.

Exam Preparation – On any Basket 3 external assessment

Portfolio – Help your learners with specific portfolio work

Here’s a small selection of Basket 3 Topic Focus Programmes which PET-Xi has previously delivered. So many more available!

VCert in Child Development

VCert in Health & Fitness

VCert in Interactive Media


BTEC in Creative Digital Media

BTEC in Travel & Tourism

BTEC in Physical Education

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