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Health and Social Care Level 2:

The objective of this qualification is to prepare learners to progress to a qualification in the same subject area but at a higher level or requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding. It is aimed at those working or preparing to work in adult social care and aims to introduce knowledge only around areas relating to adult social care.

Learning Content:

  • Communication
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Personal development
  • Role of the social care worker
  • Handling information
  • Health and safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Duty of care
  • Person centred approaches.

Safeguarding and protecting Children and Young People Level 2

Employees will learn:

  • Introduction to Safeguarding and Protecting Children or Young People
  • Understand how to safeguard and protect children, young people and practitioners in the workplace

Employers benefits:

  • Boost confidence and morale in the workplace by increasing skills
  • Keep up to date with current legislation
  • Safer work environment and stronger relationships

Award in Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers Level 3

The management role involves supporting employees who may present with mental ill health in the workplace and this qualification provides an understanding of the basic principles relating to supporting mental health in the workplace and promoting a positive, wellness at work’ culture. This is a knowledge-only qualification will
support the learners understanding in relation to the principles of mental health, recognising mental ill health in self and others, supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace, understanding how to engage in mental health conversations in the workplace, how to support employees in relation to their mental health and ways to
manage own wellbeing.

Employees will learn:

  • How to define mental health and mental ill health
  • Understand mental health and wellbeing
  • Understand how mental ill health affects the experience of individuals
  • Understand the mental health continuum
  • Understand ways to self-manage own
  • Outline strategies to manage own mental health.

Award in Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health Level 2

The role of a first aider for mental health is to provide basic mental health support or to be the first response to someone in need, usually in the workplace. The first aider for mental health is not clinically qualified to assess, diagnose or treat mental ill health but they will know the basic tools to listen to individuals who require first response support for their mental health.

Employees will learn:

  • Understand mental health and wellbeing
  • Understand how mental ill health affects the experience of individuals
  • Understand ways to self-manage own wellbeing.

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