This ground-breaking, 1 day course helps learners understand they don’t always need to have all the answers all the time, by experiencing the benefits of working with others to reach a conclusion.

We do this by introducing a way of working intended to build resilience and emotional intelligence and enrich and strengthen learning relationships in the classroom environment. Our dynamic approach and unique resources give learners freedom to think for themselves in a creative context.

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During the course, learners work in teams to discover the whereabouts of a missing teenager. Information is provided in film story format, using witness statements, local maps, timetables, interviews, and a range of other clues. The teams then learn how to develop hypotheses, rationalise their decisions and to discard unproductive lines of enquiry. Once they’ve reached agreement, their conclusions are finalised and their theories are presented for judgement.


This is a one-hour programme incorporating problem solving and teamwork for small groups, which is designed to run multiple times over one day. The objective is to find the Escape key, while collecting as many chips as possible.

A small group enters a classroom, which is filled with a collection of age-appropriate problems and puzzles. The team have a small introduction to the scenario and aim of their assignment, and then are left to solve the puzzles (such as using codexes, opening locked briefcases, cracking codes, solving riddles).

The team can trade in chips with staff to receive clues to any of the puzzles in the room. However, the amount of chips they receive (plus also if they find the Escape key or not) is recorded at the end of the timed session, and used to populate a nationwide leader board.

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Robo Racing

In our Robo Racing day, we challenge our learners to design, build and programme a self-driving vehicle. We then add a competitive edge by testing the vehicles on our “town track” to find out which group has constructed the ultimate self-driving vehicle.

Maths Journeys

A collection of half-day thematic programmes, incorporating elements of the syllabus into a fun themed scenario. Learners use their Maths skills to tackle problems and puzzles linked to the following:

  • Active lifestyle
  • Holiday
  • Murder mystery
  • Gameshow
  • Theme park
  • Restaurant
  • Brilliant buildings
  • Desert island

Any combination of the above can be used to ensure the Maths skills covered are best suited to learners making progress.

Sovereign Survival

A highly motivational course and reward-based approach to Literacy, addressing reading and writing skills over a set number of days. Aimed at Key Stage 3, learners build their own kingdom and must defend it against invaders. They are encouraged to participate with each other throughout the course.