The Topic Focus menu offers a range of one-day options designed to cover elements of the syllabus.

Each option takes learners through an exciting and engaging series of activities to improve their skills. They embark on a range of written and kinaesthetic activities to improve their attainment, as well as participating in short, motivational exercises to embed their understanding.

All courses can be adapted to suit the age and ability of learners to prepare them for the KS2 National Curriculum Mathematics Test. Courses come with a pre and post course ‘Confidence test’, so learners and teachers can evidence the progress made.

There are three set one-day options available, as well as the possibility of choosing a bespoke option from a selection of topics.

Literacy Alive

Aimed at Years 3-6, these courses bring the core elements of reading and writing to life in the primary classroom. Learners engage with popular children’s fiction in the company of famous fictional characters. What better way to enthuse, engage and motivate a young learner? We love reading the Harry Potter stories but what if Dumbledore were there to explain how to make your own writing just as exciting?  What if Alice and the Mad Hatter could help you use figurative language more skilfully? Wouldn’t it be great to have Fantastic Mr Fox and Cruella de Vil working with you on your punctuation? What about Peter Pan and Captain Hook promoting perfect grammar? Using adverbs probably won’t have learners yawning if they’re being helped and supported by Willy Wonka and Tigger.

Each course option is fun, interactive and will enhance and embed the teaching of essential reading and writing skills. Primary teachers are faced with the challenge of presenting and developing these core skills in an engaging way, which isn’t always easy to do given the rather dry nature of the material and the inevitable repetition through practice. PET-Xi courses thrill and excite learners through a carefully balanced mix of active learning, enjoyment and proven pedagogical principles. PET-Xi days are dynamic and memorable – essential features when key learning is fully absorbed and retained.

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