GCSE Statistics Revision Programme

GCSE Statistics Revision Programme

GCSE Statistics Revision Programme

We have a fabulous new addition to the PET-Xi portfolio of programmes that has been designed to support the extensive teaching and learning of statistical maths during Key Stage 4.

The programmes are 1-10 day courses consisting of either a 1-4 Day Topic Focus Course, a 5-day High-5 Revision Course or our 8-10 day Full-On Statistics course.

As with all PET-Xi programmes, PET-Xi will employ our unique classroom dynamic, high-staffing ratios and fabulous engaging resources to ensure the best possible chance of success in a delivery solution which is blended teaching and learning, revision and consolidation that is fully teachable alongside Maths GCSE.

Topic Focus

This programme is designed to support your learners with specific groups of topics, either from a set menu or from credits. This 1-4 day programme is based on topics, set out by the school, with a solution to fill gaps in knowledge and consolidate prior learning.

High-5 Revision

This is an opportunity for students already having lessons in GCSE Statistics. Our exam-based revision programme, High-5, offers learners the support they need leading up to their examinations.

Full-On Statistics

A longer teaching programme, which delivers a more in-depth coverage of the syllabus, split into 8 or 10 days ideally delivered in 2-day blocks over the duration of the academic year. There will be homework tasks for the students to complete in-between the blocks but as always, the PET-Xi staff are available to support your learners.

Benefits for Learners:

• Maximise results with the minimum impact on main curriculum time and core subjects

• Individualised revision plans

• With increased numbers of learners going to university statistics GCSE will help for research projects

Example of what this course will look like:

Initial assessment completed at the start of the day, concepts covered using a slideshow, with students making their own notes. Expert demo solutions to questions, provides guidance and golden rules before students apply the skills themselves. Final assessment completed at day end to measure progress and boost confidence.

Course Length:

• Topic Focus: 1 -4-days

• High-5: 5 days

• Teaching: 8 or 10-day delivery model with homework tasks in-between blocks. Split into 4 x 2-day blocks for 8-day delivery or 2 x 2-day blocks and 2 x 3-day delivery for a 10-day delivery.

Learner Profile:

• Key Stage 4.

• Foundation tier and Higher tier syllabus available.

• Students currently working at grade 4 for Foundation tier.

• Students currently working at grade 5+ for Higher tier.