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Working with schools and local authorities to deliver intensive, immersive, motivational and inspirational interventions that have a positive impact on learner progress - from primary to GCSEs and beyond.

PET-Xi Live PowerUP Programme Video

Positive Directions

PET-Xi’s barrier breaking ‘Positive Directions Programme has been developed to help 15-24 year olds not currently in education, employment or training - or at risk of becoming so in Stoke and Staffordshire

Positive Futures Plus Programme - Coming Soon

PET-Xi’s barrier breaking ‘Positive Futures’ programme has been developed to help 15-24 year olds not currently in education, employment or training – or at risk of becoming so.


PET-Xi have partnered with Psytech International who are one of the world's leading developers of Psychometric tests and software to provide cutting edge careers diagnostics and a full personal report focusing on career development.

GCSE English Language Topic Focus

The Topic Focus menu offers a range of 1 day options designed to address specific elements of the GCSE. Each option takes learners through the skills required to address the requirements of individual questions. They embark on a range of written and kinaesthetic activities supporting these skills and practise examination-style responses.

Working Scientifically Focus

Focusing on different skills required to answer the range of questions examined in KS4 Science exams. Here are our suggested skill areas.>

GCSE High-5

Maths, English

GCSE Topic Focus

Maths, English, English Literature, Science, MFL, History, Geography

KS3 Catch Up

Maths, English

KS3 Topic Focus

Maths, English, Science

KS2 Booster

Maths, English

KS2 Topic Focus

Maths, Literacy Alive

Basket 3 - Topic Focus Programmes

Whichever Basket 3 you are delivering, we can provide focussed revision sessions.

GCSE Statistics Revision Programme

GCSE Statistics Revision Programme


A one-hour programme incorporating problem solving and teamwork

Missing - An Investigation Scenario

Missing - An Investigation Scenario for KS3 More Able Learners

"No matter how you feel... Get up, Dress up, Show up. And never Give up."

Why use PET-Xi?

The 10 main reasons why schools across the UK use PET-Xi

Our team delivers intensive, immersive, high-impact motivational and inspirational programmes, complementing all of your hard work to achieve a positive impact on learner progress and results.
Xi is our unique methodology, fine-tuned over 22 years. Relentlessly upbeat teams of staff and high-quality learning resources create our engaging, interactive and impactful classroom dynamic.
We understand the funding challenges schools face and our solutions deliver measurable pupil progress and impact which is evidenced to you post-programme.
We consistently deliver value and results which compare favourably to other provision. This is why many Pupil Premium award winners choose PET-Xi.
Programmes for all key stages and abilities consistently delivering results in teaching and learning, revision, confidence and resilience building. From tried and tested programmes to the latest customer-inspired pilot.
Whether it’s an adrenaline shot before the exams, a year-wide solution aligned with your PP strategy or you are part of a MAT needing Trust-wide impact, we work together to achieve your goals.
We have a unique perspective from working with 100s of schools across the UK and our focus on curriculum change and new GCSE specifications makes us a perfect soundboard for new ideas and products.
Our relentlessly upbeat teams go the extra mile to help your learners progress and achieve. We are committed to maximising the impact of every moment to boost confidence, knowledge and attitude to learning.
The credentials for success – a methodology developed over 22 years, tried and tested programmes, 100,000 learners, 1,000 schools, PET-Xi academy-trained staff, numerous business awards and a strong logistical backbone
We’ll gladly introduce you to pupil premium award winners or show you testimonials from schools who use PET-Xi, such as Coleridge: “PET-Xi was a significant part of our strategy to achieve … rapid improvement in outcomes”