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Introducing “PET-Xi Live”

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Team leading level 2

This qualification is aimed at individuals working within a team leading role or aspiring to be a team leader in a variety of workplace settings and sectors. Team leading will help to develop leadership responsibilities, as well as manage and provide direction to a team.

Employees will learn:

  • How to develop working relationships.
  • To understand the importance of information exchange and feedback.
  • How to identify work related difficulties and find possible solutions.
  • Leadership styles.
    How to motivate, support and encourage a team.
  • Principles of resource management.
    How to monitor and undertake development effectively.
  • How to lead team members to achieve team objectives.
    Planning and allocating work.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of team members.

Managing people – Managing performance and appraisals

Employees will learn:

  • Understand people and team management models, including team dynamics and motivation techniques.
  • Understand HR systems and legal requirements, and performance management techniques including setting goals and objectives, conducting appraisals, reviewing performance, absence management, providing constructive feedback, and recognising achievement and good behaviour.
  • Able to build a high-performing team by supporting and developing individuals and motivating them to achieve.
  • Able to set operational and personal goals and objectives and monitor progress, providing clear guidance and feedback.

Management of self - time management

Learn skills and techniques to be able to prioritise own and team's time, become more productive and efficient.

Employees will learn:

  • Understand time management techniques and tools, and how to prioritise activities and approaches to planning.
  • Able to create an effective personal development plan and use time management
  • techniques to manage workload and pressure

Leading people - coaching and training

Learn how to adapt leadership skills to support and coach staff and improve performance.

Employees will learn:

  • Understand different leadership styles and the benefits of coaching to support people and improve performance.
  • Understand organisational cultures, equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Able to communicate organisation strategy and team purpose and adapt style to suit the audience.
  • Support the development of the team and people through coaching, role modelling values and behaviours, and managing change effectively.

Communication skills

Employees will gain an understanding of how to use different forms of communication effectively.

Employees will learn:

  • Understand different forms of communication and their application. Know how to chair meetings, hold challenging conversations, provide constructive feedback, and understand how to raise concerns.
  • Able to communicate effectively (verbal, written, digital), chair meetings and present to team and management. Use of active listening and provision of constructive feedback.

Building relationships – dealing with conflict

This short course will  give employees skills focusing on how to manage relationships with customers, colleagues and partners.

Employees will learn:

  • Understand approaches to customer and stakeholder relationship management, including emotional intelligence and managing conflict.
  • Know how to facilitate cross team working to support delivery of organisational objectives.
  • Building trust with and across the team, using effective negotiation and influencing skills and managing any conflicts.
  • Able to add input to discussions and provide feedback (to team and more widely) and identify and share good practice across teams.
  • Building relationships with customers and managing these effectively.

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