PET-Xi Live

Bringing interactive education to remote learners

Improved access to our Experts

  • Live streaming is a low-cost option projecting the teacher directly into the classroom.   With 1-hour sessions available, reducing the cost base compared to engaging supply or cover teachers.
  • High quality is our top priority with delivery utilising tried and tested staff who have 1000s of hours logged delivering in their subject area, achieving learning and outcomes that cannot be achieved using supply or cover staff.
  • Interactive experience for students with qualified teachers and tutors.
  • Engaging
  • Bringing the classroom to life.
  • Can be delivered with short notice

Leaves No Student Out

  • Improves access to learning
  • Gives students the opportunity to be involved in lessons from their homes – this can include excluded learners, those in isolation, sick and unable attends or in hospital
  • Recording of the live stream can be used for playback in order to teach or reinforce any lesson delivered.
  • Accessible from home via a range of devices including PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone.
  • Children are already comfortable with and embrace interactive immersive technology.

The below samples are from our Functional Skills delivery model but will give you a taste of the PET-Xi Live experience.

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