Launch of our engaging, remote delivery model

PET-Xi are excited to announce the launch of our engaging delivery model – PET-Xi Live! Amidst school closures and staffing issues, we have a REMOTE solution for schools all across the country include in their closure delivery plan. PET-Xi live is an online system, qualified teachers interact with motivational lead trainers who are able to articulate the learner voice in our own inimitable style.LIVE PHOTO 2020 03 13 13 42 14 300x225 - PET-Xi Live - REMOTE LEARNING

  • Engaging with the PET-Xi unique classroom dynamic and amazing intensive 1 hour sessions
  • Accessible anywhere and by any means (phone, tablet, pc, laptop)
  • Interactive: ask questions, engage in polls, iscuss topics and learn in your own style
  • Scheduled topics chosen for selected learners
  • We deliver to the national curriculum to ensure a wide range of support for all learners
Maths English
Monday Tuesday
09:00 Angles Paper 1 questions 1-3
11:00 Fractions Macbeth
13:00 Probability 1 A Christmas Carol
15:00 Probability 2 Unseen Poetry
Wednesday Thursday
09:00 Expressions Exposure – Wilfred Owen
11:00 Area & perimeter Jekyl & Hyde
13:00 Percentage Romeo & Juliet
15:00 Ratio Paper 2 questions 1-3
Friday Monday
09:00 Speed, distance and time Paper 1 questions 1-3
11:00 Conversions Unseen poetry
13:00 Pythagoras & trigonometry An inspector calls
15:00 Solving equations and inequalities Writing skills for question 5

*this is a sample of what our schedule may look like

If you would like more information, please contact Claire Jackson-Twist at or 07880 192079

This tried and tested methodology has already achieved consistently high levels of success for both English and Maths Functional Skills. To see some samples of delivery and the PET-Xi Live system click on the green button below.