GCSE English Language Topic Focus Menu

The Topic Focus menu offers a range of 1 day options designed to address specific elements of the GCSE. Each option takes learners through the skills required to address the requirements of individual questions. They embark on a range of written and kinaesthetic activities supporting these skills and practise examination-style responses.

Option A

Paper 1 Questions 1-3 (reading fiction) option

  • Information retrieval, inference, paraphrasing.
  • Using language to create effects at word and sentence level: individual words and phrases, punctuation, figurative devices, sentence lengths
    and structures.
  • How whole texts are structured at paragraph level

Option B

Paper 1 Question 4 (reading fiction)

  • Evaluation. Presenting an opinion. Personal judgement. Use of external
    and embedded quotation.
  • Understanding what writers are seeking to achieve, evaluating effectiveness, selection of relevant evidence.
  • Academic terminology

Option C

Paper 2 Questions 1-3 (reading non-fiction)

  • Fact/opinion – true/false. Working at speed – highlighting relevant
  • Reading between the lines. Synthesis of both explicit and implicit ideas.
    Making comparisons.
  • Using language to create effects at word and sentence level.
  • How whole texts are structures at paragraph level. Explaining the effect
    on a reader.

Option D

Paper 2 Question 4 (reading non-fiction)

  • Recognition and understanding of attitudes, perspectives, points of view.
  • Language, structure and forms used to convey attitudes and perspectives.
  • Comparison and contrast.
  • Academic terminology.

Option E

Papers 1 and 2 Question 5 (writing: fiction and non-fiction)

  • Using punctuation and grammar to create effects and enhance meaning.
  • Writing for a particular audience and in a particular form.
  • Technique checklists – devices to employ to impress the examiner.
  • Planning and preparation.
  • Subverting the task – impressing the examiner.

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