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Why Join PET-Xi?

In our latest employee engagement survey, PET-Xi scored an amazing 92% (up 2% outperforming the UK average of 68%). We know that employee engagement goes beyond motivation and simple job satisfaction, it’s also seen as a combination of commitment to the organisation and its values with a willingness to help colleagues around them and improve wellbeing, which is why we know it’s the people of PET-Xi that make the difference and make us such an amazing place to work!

Training Roles

PET-Xi works with tried and tested expert practitioners in a wide range of subjects who are responsible for the delivery of the subject content in the classroom. Through our rigorous selection process PET-Xi ensures all subject experts have proven experience in delivering specific exam board content and specifications.

Subject experts possess a degree in their subject and suitable teaching qualifications and the majority will have experience of marking exam papers.

The PET-Xi Methodology™ allows Experts to concentrate on the subject content, free from the concerns of engaging learners or identifying which ones may be struggling, as the balance of the team in the classroom are there to support them.
You’ll know a PET-Xi Motivational Lead when you meet them. The big smile, warm greeting and explosive optimism are impossible to miss.

We select our Motivational Leads very carefully, from a group of ‘classroom tried and tested’ Learner Support staff.

They’re the best of the best, engagement specialists trained in proven methods to maintain momentum, pace, and intensity in the classroom.

The Motivational Lead is responsible for all aspects of the classroom, making sure each day flows well and learners get the maximum benefit from the time spent in the PET-Xi programme.
Supports play a vital role in the PET-Xi classroom dynamic. Depending on the size of the cohort in attendance there will always be two to three supports in the classroom.

They are carefully assessed, must pass a PET-Xi internal examination on the subject area they’ll be working in and they must pass a live classroom trial before they’re allowed to join a team.

They are the eyes and ears of the team, watching, listening, and identifying learners who may not be fully engaged or are struggling with the subject content.

Job Opportunities

Purpose of the Job:

To deliver engaging and inspirational programmes leading to defined outcomes for young learners in accordance with PET-Xi’s company values and which meet prescribed internal and external standards, in accordance with the detailed specification agreed with the particular client.

Skills & Experience:

Previous experience in engaging with young peoples’ activities

Ability to engage with and inspire young learners by using appropriate training techniques and inter-personal skills

Create an appropriate learning environment and maintain a disciplinary framework by demonstrating a strong ‘presence’ in the classroom or venue

The ability to deliver learning under pressure with challenging learners

Engage effectively with the client at local level and actively respond to any complaints or concerns

Be capable of modifying delivery method or learner work plans when appropriate (self-reliance)

Be methodical & organised throughout the learning programme in order to deliver the required learning evidence at the conclusion of each programme to the standard required by the internal quality assurer

Basic user knowledge of Microsoft Office applications i.e.Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Minimum GCSE English grade A-C or equivalent Level 2

Reports to: Centre Manager

Responsible for: Allocated Support Trainers (per course)

Key Tasks:

Follow the Rules and Procedures for Training Staff (outline descriptions follow):

• Deliver the agreed programme in accordance with the lesson plan

• Support collective team in sourcing & securing learner Work placements in funding timeframe


• Conducting H&S Assessments and Employer sign ups

• Conduct Placement monitoring visits & attendance register sign offs

• Complete a daily register of learners

• Complete a daily report email daily to PET-Xi Academy

• Ensure that every completing learner has an evidential Folder of Evidence ready for moderation where appropriate

• Complete Tutor sections of learner reviews. 4-6weeks apart, per learner

• CVs to be completed to standard in agreed timescale. To be sent to Centre Manager for finalisation/ sign off

• Support applications into positive progressions throughout programme. In agreed timeframe

• Provide supervision, guidance and training to the Support Trainers

• Ensure good housekeeping at the programme venue and compliance with local health and safety requirements

• Receive and respond to any comments or complaints received from the client and where possible take corrective action

• Where necessary refer complaints immediately to the Centre Manager

• Ensure care and security of equipment booked out e.g. laptops and ensure the return of equipment

• Participate in Training and Development as required.

• To be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of any children, young people and vulnerable adults the post holder may meet during your employment at PET-Xi Training Limited.

NB: This Description gives a broad explanation of the duties of this post, but these may vary over time.

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