A one-hour programme incorporating problem solving and teamwork

Escape is an entertaining puzzle-based game designed for groups of six people. The aim is simple: using logic, teamwork and the power of lateral thinking, solve all the puzzles and mysteries to earn your freedom within a 60 minute time frame. The clock is ticking!

Our Game Masters lock you and your team in a custom built, challenging and entertaining scenario. After a swift introduction, you’re left to discover the right combination of codes, puzzle solutions and codices that lead to the final Escape key. Success Chips are collected as you go and a grand total is recorded at the end of the session to be added to the Nationwide Scoreboard. But do you choose to barter them for extra clues? Do you speculate to accumulate? What will be your strategy?

Organise your team quickly, assign roles and responsibilities and ensure your initiative and common-sense levels are at maximum. Physical force and strength are of no use to you. You won’t have time to dig a tunnel! To successfully Escape you’ll only have the room contents, your wits and the power of collaboration to assist you.

The session can be run multiple times in a day depending on your numbers. Have fun, make memories, stretch yourself… all the time sharpening your communication, collaboration and logical-thinking skills.