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PET-Xi Supports 150 young people in Stoke and Staffordshire

PET-Xi’s Positive Directions programme gives these young people the opportunity to access full Level 2 Qualifications in IT, Customer Service, Health and Social Care, Team Leading, Employability and Maths and English support, delivered remotely whilst still maintaining PET-Xi’s unique, engaging and energetic dynamic.

PET-Xi Training delivers programmes to schools and young people across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire through the Positive Directions programme funded by the European Social Fund in partnership with Skills Training UK.

PET Xi Supports 150 young people in Stoke and Staffordshire - Case Studies

Goffs School

Goffs School’s partnership with PET-Xi Training boosts the attainment of disadvantaged pupils

This extract from EDUCATION Magazine, describes how Goffs School in Hertfordshire became the Regional Winner and the National Runner up in the Pupil Premium Awards. The article describes in detail the strategies employed by the school including the effective and targeted use of a variety of PET-Xi programmes.

The programmes were carefully selected by the PP team at the school to build on the excellent work carried out by their teaching staff, they reveal how the PET-Xi model inspires self belief and the responsiveness of PET-Xi staff. 80% of students involved went on to achieve their target grades in maths.

Case Study Goffs - Case Studies

Coleridge Community College

When a new SLT found itself responsible for raising standards and confidence at a struggling academy in Cambridge, it turned to an outside provider for support

This case study provides an insight into the strategy employed by Coleridge Community College in Cambridgeshire to improve attainment and progress.

They used PET-Xi programmes across a range of subjects, learner feedback and confidence test results provided an evidence-based approach for targeted use of pupil premium funding.
students had an average 1 grade improvement from 2015-2016 and there was an 18.6% improvement in Maths and English grades.

Case Study Coleridge - Case Studies

Belief System

Sal McKeown Investigates an ‘Explosive Intervention’ that is improving outcomes in schools across the country

This article by Sal McKeown highlights the way in which schools are developing a partnership with PET-Xi.

Paul McMenamin from 160 year-old Bellerive FCJ Catholic College was looking for solutions to convert progress from satisfactory to good for girls in key stage 4. Over the two-year period A*-C results for maths shot up from 59% to 82%. He states that PET-Xi’s high staffing ratios and immersive environment make PET-Xi “definitely part of the solution”.

The piece also investigates how Top Valley Academy (now Park Vale Academy) has faced challenges since becoming an academy in 2012 – Neville Silcock (Strategy Manager) discusses how they utilise PET-Xi and highlights the success of the provision in terms of progress, attendance, impact and value.

Case Study Belief - Case Studies

Going for “Good”

Focus on support for ‘hard to reach’ students pays dividends for Blackpool’s Unity Academy

Unity Academy in Blackpool works in partnership with PET-Xi to impact on motivation and Progress 8 as part of the strategy to achieve a ‘good’ OFSTED rating.

The Academy is relatively small with just 850 pupils which enables school staff to know each learner very well and to recognise their individual needs. There are a high proportion of disadvantaged pupils and the catchment area includes some of the most deprived wards in the UK. Stephen Cooke, Vice Principal explains that student motivation and aspiration are key priorities and how

PET-Xi focus on motivation and inspiration as vital ingredients for achievement.

Case Study Going for good - Case Studies

Pupil Premium - Make It Count

Boosting confidence, enthusiasm and results for Pupil Premium students at Maltings

Here we explore the unique perspective of John Syznal an Executive Principal who was one a free school meals student himself. He has a particular affinity with today’s FSM learners and he is determined to do his very best for them, to provide a good education that will give them choices and opportunities in life. When John started at the Maltings Academy it was rated as ‘Requires Improvement’, since 2015 it has been rates as ‘Outstanding’. Whilst budgets are being cut, schools need to deliver learner outcomes as a key priority but with a watchful eye on value for money and John explores some of the programmes and methods used by PET-Xi to deliver results, progress and impact.

Case Study Pupil Premium - Case Studies

Missing - New one-day English Course

Building employability skills as The Brunts Academy supports it’s gifted and able children.

In 2017 learners at The Brunts Academy, part of the Evolve Trust achieved impressive results at both GCSE and A level with a marked improvement on the pervious academic year. The team at the academy achieved this through their relentless drive to ensure all of their learners achieve the very best they can regardless of academic ability. Challenging lessons, programmes of enrichment and bespoke education plans all factor into the teams strategy to stretch the ability of each learners above and beyond their own expectations. Parents of More Able learners who attended the academy had concerns that whilst their children were more academically proficient that they lacked confidence and soft skills for their future. To help resolve these concerns the academy developed a programme to support and enhance students’ employability skills. As well as this the academy further developed their partnership with PET-Xi and trialled PET-Xi’s one day English programme for More Able KS3 learners “Missing – An investigation scenario”. The More Able learners who took part in the PET-Xi programme were taken out of their comfort zone by the PET-Xi training team and as a result they developed greater awareness of the points of views of others, more mature communication skills, better time-management and increased self-confidence. PET-Xi’s Missing – An investigation scenario proved to be an ideal choice!

Case Study Missing - Case Studies

Bringing literacy to life in the classroom

Exciting new KS2 courses develop and present core reading and writing skills

As part of their School Improvement Plan the SLT at St Anne’s Catholic Primary in Birkenhead, Merseyside booked PET-Xi and their training teams to come to the school and deliver their KS2 Literacy Alive programme to Year 6 learners. Literacy Alive! uses literary characters from well-known children’s books to bring ‘Literacy Alive!’ in the classroom. The PET-Xi training team deliver key skills through role play, storytelling, individual study and cooperative learning whilst being in costume and character. Literacy Alive! is designed to embed and build on essential reading and writing skills for primary learners. You choose 2 scenario options to develop a 1-day programme that is dynamic, memorable and most suited to the needs of your learners in preparation for the national curriculum tests. Since the programme the KS2 learners have not only been inspired by the course and the PET-Xi team but the teachers at the school have recognised that the programme has also had a positive impact with learners using more figurative language in their work.

Case Study Literacy Alive - Case Studies

Raising standards and growing talent in Hull

Kelvin Hall reap the benefits of PET-Xi’s enthusiasm, dynamism and energy.

Learners at Kelvin Hall School are privileged to be taught by innovative and dedicated staff who fulfil their promise to students by ensuring they achieve academic results that consistently exceed expectations. Results of school monitoring and assessment processes inform the implementation of a broad range of strategies, all with the goal of building upon standards and performance that were praised by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ at last inspection. These strategies include using the specialisms of external agencies. PET-Xi is proud to have been a strategic partner of Kelvin Hall on its journey to ‘Outstanding’. Our training teams have worked with learners across subjects, delivering courses that have a significant impact on progression, confidence and academic outcomes. Our intensive, dynamic methodology creates a culture of self-belief, success and accomplishment. Staff at Kelvin Hall were particularly thrilled with results of recent Mathematics programmes, which saw all students achieve at least one positive GCSE grade movement.

Case Study Raising Standards - Case Studies