The PET-Xi Story

What does PET-Xi mean? PET stands for Progressive Educational Tools (which is what we used to be called long ago) and Xi stands for “XPLOSIVE INSPIRATION” which is always at the heart of everything we do!

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“PET-Xi is one of the most dynamic businesses in the country. The innovative and energetic approach of the trainers is really inspiring. PET-Xi is certainly helping to reduce the skills gap.”

Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor

Who We Are

Nationally renowned, we have over 23 years’ experience of working with hundreds of schools across the UK to deliver intensive, results-based interventions for young people who are at risk of not achieving their academic potential.

Experts in high-impact motivational programmes, we aim to use education to break the cycle of disadvantage, believing that education is the strongest, surest means to rebalance social justice.

Each of our courses is carefully structured to achieve optimal learning. Each programme is immersive, motivational and inspirational, and has a positive impact on learner progress from primary to GCSEs.

What We Do

We excel at learner engagement; 98% of learners say that their confidence has improved with us.

The impact on progress for learners, especially those in receipt of pupil premium funding, is vital in closing the achievement gap.

All programmes deliver better value and better results than one to one revision.

Our unique methodology is driven by pace and enthusiasm, and our staffing structure and programme delivery create a unique, exciting classroom dynamic that achieves OUTSTANDING lessons every time.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help individuals to break barriers and seize opportunities to change lives; developing a culture of engagement, success and empowerment to make communities stronger, happier and more effective.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to change lives and empower learners through education and employment.

Meet Our Team

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Kerri B

Business Development Support

Anna R

Vocational Support

Andy H

Maths Expert

Dean H

Vocational Trainer

Matt B

Recruitment and Progressions Co-ordinator

Dave L

Business Development Manager

Josh P

Vocational Trainer

Joanne A

MIS Manager

Hannah W

Recruitment Administrator

Lara H

English Co-ordinator

Vicki C

Apprenticeship Co-ordinator

Shahid K

Head of Finance

Daniel T

Finance Assistant

Daniel G

IT Administrator

John E

IT Mananger

Eddie C

Business Development Partnership Manager

Abi H

Business Development Support
Uday Tanna

Uday T

Admin Assistant
Thandeka Ncube

Thandeka N

Finance Admin Assistant
Steve Smith

Steve S

Business Development Manager
Simon Fitzgerald

Simon F

Head of Funding
Sean Jones

Sean J

Maths Engagement Expert
Sharon Maguire

Sharon M

Programme Operations Co-ordinator
Sammy-Jo Mcglinchey


Rob Parker

Rob P

Head of EAL
Steve Clapham

Steve C

Engagement Lead Trainer
Pete McBean

Pete M

Vocational Trainer
Rich Caplin

Rich C

Interim Senior Team Leader
Rod Fairholm

Rod F

Internal Quality Assurance
Nick Walker

Nick W

Senior Lead Trainer
Nisia Pacelli

Nisia P

Registrations and Clearance Administrator
Lyn Watson

Lyn W

Vocational Area Manager
Leam Ryan

Leam R

Lead Trainer
Lucy Ness

Lucy N

Apprentice Vocational Support
Lara Hoffman

Lara H

English Co-ordinator
Kirstie Price

Kirstie P

Administration Assistant
Lewis Hardman

Lewis H

Support Trainer
Kelly Wright

Kelly W

Team Leader
Kate Harris

Kate H

Maths Expert
Kelly Jones

Kelly J

Marketing Project Manager
Kam Chouhan

Kam C

Lead Trainer
Jamie Sheerman

Jamie S

Lead Trainer
Jackie Rome

Jackie R

Programme Operations Co-ordinator
Jake Sexton

Jake S

Project Lead
Joanna Groves

Joanna G

Programme Operations Co-ordinator
Jodi Pearson

Jodi P

Legal Consultant
Helen Mosey

Helen M

Gavin O’Toole

Gavin O

Business Development Manager
Dellion Simpson

Dellion S

Dave Soden

Dave S

L&D Manager
David Hutchinson

David H

Finance Apprentice
Claire Jones

Claire J

Senior Lead Trainer
Clare Edwards

Clare E

Engagement Lead Trainer
Cassie Boneham

Cassie B

Programme Operations Administrator
Arfan Shafi

Arfan S

Senior Team Leader
Abi Hanson

Abi H

Business Development Support
Amerdeep Chanian

Amerdeep C

Team Leader
Mark Morris

Mark M

Head of English
Nasir Lakhanpal

Nasir L

Head of HR and Facilities

Maggie T

Head of Commercial
Steve Want

Steve W

Senior Graphic Designer
Leia Welland

Leia W

Adult Education Co-ordinator
Kendall Clark

Kendall C

Recruitment & Progressions Co-ordinator
Megan Pidduck

Megan P

Resourcing Co-ordinator
Bob Pinner

Bob P

National Educational Strategy Manager

Navjot J

Head of Operations
Gavin Marcynko

Gavin M

Head of Maths
Gary Drake

Gary D

Head of Contracts
Dave Lewis

Dave L

National Programme Delivery Manager
Fleur Sexton

Fleur Sexton DL

Managing Director