Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

Our vision is to help individuals break barriers and seize opportunities to change lives and to develop a culture of engagement, success and empowerment to make communities stronger, happier and more effective.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change lives and empower learners through education and employment.

The PET-Xi Story

What does PET-Xi mean? PET stands for Progressive Educational Tools (which is what we used to be called long ago) and Xi stands for “XPLOSIVE INSPIRATION” which is always at the heart of everything we do!

Courses Delivered
Learners Engaged
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“PET-Xi is one of the most dynamic businesses in the country. The innovative and energetic approach of the trainers is really inspiring. PET-Xi is certainly helping to reduce the skills gap.”

Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor

Who We Are

PET-Xi is a high-energy training specialist whose multi-award winning teams work tirelessly to make a difference to people’s lives, firing up their minds with engaging and positive learning experiences designed to help school students to achieve their target grades, jobseekers to get back into employment or those in business to upskill and progress with their goals.

Over the last 25 years we have helped over 200,000 people by delivering intensive, motivational and inspirational ­interventions that have a positive impact on learner progress from primary to GCSE and for adults, from basic to advanced skills. Each one is carefully structured to achieve optimal learning.

Excelling at learner engagement, 98% of learners say that their confidence has improved with us. The impact on progress for learners is vital in closing the achievement gap.

All ­programmes deliver better value and better results than one to one revision.

Our unique methodology, staffing structure and programme delivery creates a learning dynamic that achieves outstanding lessons each and every time.

What We Do

The PET-Xi methodology is based on pace, energy and high- impact delivery using tightly-structured material delivered through a multi-faceted team approach, in which the role of teacher is split into its three component parts: a Motivational Lead, Subject Expert and two Supports.

Behind every single PET-Xi course is a truly impressive team of highly skilled individuals, leading to the best outcome for your learners. All PET-Xi training staff are experienced and trained:

• PET-Xi Experts come from teaching and training backgrounds and also work as examiners for awarding bodies and for ­external quality assurers.

• Motivational Leads are chosen for their ability to motivate and engage a broad spectrum of learners. Their training in ­Assessment for Learning and use of assertive questioning maximises success rates for learners.

• Supports can be either Motivational Leads and/or Experts training in the PET-Xi methodology, teaching assistants or those who have worked in the subject area or industry for many years.