School’s out and the sky’s the limit …….

…introducing our newest apprentice – Jake Sexton


Meet our newest recruit, my 16-year-old son Jake Sexton who is joining us as a higher level apprentice.

Chris and I were absolutely delighted when Jake said he’d like to work with us.  He’s been interested in the business for years and decided against sixth form and university so that he could join us and begin ‘earning and learning’ immediately.

University is not for everyone – there are many different paths to success and apprenticeships are an excellent choice for anyone keen to put ideas into practice, rather than studying theoretically.  In fact so many young people have a degree these days that employers are searching for points of differentiation and real work experience is a key advantage when job-hunting.

We work hard to engender a feeling of family in this business and always prefer to promote from within whenever possible.  Many of our current senior management team have worked their way up through the ranks, starting as support trainers, leads and experts and later moving into managerial positions, so I think Jake could see a clear career path ahead.

Since we launched our PET-Xi apprenticeship scheme earlier this year it has gone from strength to strength. During the past six months we have placed over 30 apprentices with outside employers and moved 10 of our own staff, ranging in age from 20 to late 40s, over to apprenticeships. This equates to over 15 per cent of our full time employees – which we believe is well above the national average

Jake is taking a 24-month Level 4 apprenticeship in Business and Administration, with a view to then moving on to a Level 5 qualification in Management and Leadership.

I can’t stress the value of apprenticeships enough – as well as helping employers raise standards by injecting fresh ideas and enthusiasm, they provide young people with invaluable opportunities to gain skills and experience.

The government has set a target of delivering 3 million apprenticeships by 2020 – it’s a tall order, but we are pleased to be doing our bit, both as an employer and a training provider. Apprenticeships are real jobs that give people the opportunity to train and become fully competent while earning money.

I am very proud of our work in this area and look forward to welcoming many more apprentices to the PET-Xi family over the coming months.

In the meantime, look out for Jake, who is beginning his apprenticeship with a placement in our marketing department.

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