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Ceri Brettle, a Macmillan Library Service Co-ordinator with Coventry City Council recently completed an Aspiring Leaders placement with us at PET-Xi Head Office. Ceri joined us for a total of 12 days, split over a 3month period to work within our Marketing Department to experience a different company, culture and industry as part of the programme. We were delighted to have Ceri on board with us and we are grateful for the support and fresh perspective she provided on projects. Before she left, we asked Ceri to provide us with a ‘reflective’ piece on her time us, which we are proud to share below:


Ceri Brettle, Aspiring Leaders Programme

pink-quotation-marksOver the last few months I’ve been afforded the opportunity to spend one day a week with the team at the PET-Xi Head Office in Coventry and to speak to PET-Xi trainers around the UK. It’s always interesting to see how organisations operate first hand to get a feel for the driving force behind the day to day tasks and my time at PET-Xi was certainly an eye-opening experience.

Over my 12 days here I’ve had to opportunity to look at the structure of internal communications, to interview colleagues first-hand about their roles, to attend PET-Xi’s Annual Training Conference and to get to grips with the new Apprenticeship Scheme that PET-Xi is offering.

For me the most compelling and lasting observation I have made over my time with PET-Xi is the unshakable belief that members of the team have in the work they do.

Without exception the team members I spoke to displayed passion, enthusiasm and pride in the importance of their work. For many, their roles went a step further than being a day job, but were a personal calling to make a difference to the lives of young people.

The passion is infectious,  the goal is clear and it is impossible not to get caught up in the determination PET-Xi have to work with young people to help them to unleash their potential and apply their individual skills.

Responding to young people as individuals and employing empathy and motivation to understand and elevate behaviours and performance standards are crucial. PET-Xi is all about delivering high impact, fast paced and potentially life affirming interventions.

PET-Xi often refer to themselves as a family and the term is certainly an appropriate one. Along with the indomitable spirit of self- improvement and the frank discussions that inform this, is a caring support network.

PET-Xi is the product of a shared vision and the commitment many individuals have made to play a part in challenging adversity and encouraging young people to dare aspire and take control over their futures.

Well Done PET-Xi – Gold stars all round! 105

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