Let PET-Xi Bridge the Gap.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling in one effective programme.

Three day course



PET-Xi GaPS is academically rigorous enough to arm learners with mastery of grammar rules and sentence structure.

Tailored to the exact requirements of the Standards and Testing Agency in readiness for the new KS2 SATs test in May 2013.

A three day course in which pupils have to negotiate their way through a series of four themed lands by correctly learning and answering grammar and punctuation questions.


Each land incorporates:

  • Punctuation
  • Adjectives,adverbs, connectives,prefixes and suffixes.
  • Statement, command and question.
  • Singular and plural
  • Use of written speech.


Finally, the pupils have to face the ultimate test: The Grammar Robot.
All spelling rules for KS2 are taught, and the pupils participate in the exciting “Spelling’s Got Talent”.