GaPS and Maths SATs Booster

PET-Xi’s Maths SATs Booster and GaPS programmes are designed to engage and inspire all Year 6 learners, as well as making sure that each learner receives the teaching and support they need in Maths, and Grammar and Punctuation.

How does the course work?

The programme is built around a number of activities that are motivational, fast-paced, exciting, interactive and fun.

Learners will engage in a series of different engaging activities designed not only for fun but to build on their team working skills and develop new passions, interests and qualities such as problem solving and working to a deadline, as well as building self-esteem. Each and every activity is directly tailored to the elements of Maths and GaPS that learners need to access and improve upon.

Learners can win prizes and will gain a certificate for their achievements across the course. They will complete SATs tests on the first and last day of the programme in order to demonstrate progress and ‘quantifiable impact’.

The Impact

We guarantee to move 70% of the group up by one sub-level over the 5 days for the Maths SATs booster 5 day programme. Learners must attend the whole programme otherwise they will be removed from the guarantee.

  • To improve their communication
  • To highlight and improve the transferability of group working skills both of their own and with others
  • To raise self-esteem
  • To encourage and develop a culture of excitement surrounding Maths and GaPS
  • To encourage and inspire enterprise in new learners
  • To encourage students to make new friends within communities and to try new activities