PET-Xi launches apprenticeship scheme for schools

Coventry employer offers young people opportunities nationwide.

Coventry-based PET-Xi, leading providers of intensive results-based educational interventions for school children, has launched its own Apprenticeship Scheme which will deliver the course and accreditation for a Level 2 Certificate  in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. Packed with all the pace and passion that helped PET-Xi make its name, the 12-month apprenticeships are being offered during the coming months to young people aged from 16 to 24.

Delivering three million apprenticeships by 2020 is a key priority for the Government, which is now working to ensure that the public sector “steps up” and takes on more apprentices. Under the latest proposals, schools with 250 or more employees will have a duty to take on apprentices. The PET-Xi Apprenticeship Scheme will enable schools either to put an existing teaching assistant onto the scheme or perhaps even to offer an apprenticeship to one of their Year 11 leavers with potential.

As well as the offer to schools, PET-Xi will also be providing up to 10 high-value apprenticeships for its own network of trainers working in the field nationwide. Paying above the minimum apprenticeship wage and offering valuable progression pathways from Level 2 and 3, PET-Xi will offer all of its apprentices full-time support and the opportunity to become an expert in motivational training.  Many of the company’s current senior management team worked their way up through the ranks and the company prefers to promote from within.

“I have a heart-felt belief in the value of traineeships and apprentices,” said PET-Xi’s joint managing director Fleur Sexton. “Both are absolutely vital in helping employers develop and raise standards, while providing young people with worthwhile opportunities to gain skills and experience and build a future.

“Ensuring young people reach their potential is what PET-Xi is all about, so I’m absolutely delighted that we can now build on our already strong relationships with schools to help further this ambition. Apprenticeships are real jobs that give people the opportunity to train and become fully competent whilst employed in a role. The lifetime benefits for those who complete apprenticeships at Levels 2 and 3 are very significant, standing at between £48,000 and £74,000 for Level 2 and between £77,000 and £117,000 for Level 3 apprenticeships. Higher apprentices could earn £150,000 more on average over their lifetime compared to those with Level 3 vocational qualifications.

“The government’s three million apprenticeship target is a worthy one – but it’s also a very tall order.  We are pleased to be doing our bit and to support schools as they begin to get involved as well.

“We have a long history in providing motivational, inspirational, educational experiences and already work with schools and know what they expect. When schools bring us in to complement their staff they frequently mention the ‘PET-Xi magic’.  By taking on an apprentice that we are training, using all our expertise, schools will be able to benefit from some PET-Xi magic in their school every day.

As well as making economic sense, schools will benefit from building their talent pipeline and raising standards as they recruit or develop existing talent to fill critical skills gaps. Apprenticeships are of value for anyone changing roles or who wants to learn new skills and advance within an organisation, so will also help with staff retention.

The apprentices themselves can learn while they earn, receiving guaranteed development, support and guidance, as well as having an opportunity to progress to a  higher level qualification over time.

While the schools will be the employers, PET-Xi will cover the cost of training and provide a dedicated assessor.  The company also has plans to offer a Digital Social Media apprenticeship from September 2016

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