January blog

Hello everyone!

I hope you have settled into 2014 well and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead! It is a very busy time for us in the PET-Xi Head Office during January, with the launch of the PET-Xi Interactive Maths app being the main focus and also the New Year course bookings also taking control of the Sales Department.

Recruitment are having a fabulous start to the New Year with over 50 vacancies filled and over 70 in progress. Both Jay and Aaron have been connecting with Head teachers and members of the SLT on LinkedIn which has been very promising for their department. Having talked to Jay and Aaron personally, I can reveal that they are both very happy with the response they have had from teachers and they both enjoy connecting with them on a one to one basis. The Recruitment department at PET-Xi is fast becoming one of the preferred suppliers of staff through the whole of the UK!

The Marketing and Design team are back with a new member to add to the team. I mentioned before in the January News that there was a new Junior Graphic Designer within the company. Tom is finding his feet well and he is bringing lots of fresh ideas to the department. His main focus at the moment is the launch of the app and projects around this are keeping him very busy! Marketing has had a great start to the year. I am focusing on the app launch as well as on going projects around this including a brand new product which will run off the social media platform ‘Snap Chat’. I will be revealing all in my next blog about this exciting project which we will be launch in the next 2 weeks!

The Operations Department have had a rapid start to the year. Joey is looking forward to the year and being back in contact with schools to hand over contracts and answer any questions. Joey won Best Newcomer 2013 at the PET-Xi Christmas Ball and he is really living up to his title! He has had a solid start to year and is taking full control of the contracts and challenges he has been faced with!

Our new YouTube channel is now Live and ready for you to view! If you would like to watch the brand new PET-Xi Professionals video as well as what the app videos look like please log on to www.youtube.com/petxiinteractive

Thanks for reading and remember anything is possible!


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