Handsworth Grange School Sheffield

I know this is a little bit late… sorry!

I just wanted to share with you all about my experience at Handsworth Grange School in Sheffield. Scott and I worked on a two week employability course with 10 of the more disengaged young people who sadly missed out on the work experience placement. We had some highs and some lows… a few laughs and tears but the satisfaction of achieving the qualification was second to none for these young people.

Sue and Denise were fabulous and did a wonderful job of looking after us especially bringing endless supply of tea/coffee and biscuits. Making others feel ‘golden’ goes a long way :)

I would like to say a special congratulations to Megan and Monirah, two of the slightly more ‘ambitious’ young ladies for producing the best folder and winning our own in house class champion trophy.

Check out a few of the pics below of the students receiving their certificates for completing the course.

Danny receiving his certificate

Danny receiving his certificate


James receiving his certificate


Monirah looking very chuffed


Suhena looking slightly embarrassed but still proud!


Monirah with her Heroes


Dyrell with his “I don’t eat chocolate” face… ha!


Megan and her role model… she had such a soft spot for Scott!


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