Year 7 Catch-Up Sessions

Guest Trainer Blog

The catch up sessions for year 7s are such a success, for a number of different reasons. The three most important include confidence building, targeted subject knowledge and team-building skills.

The students start their experience with us lacking confidence in the specific subject, and go on a calm and steady roller-coaster ride to achieve a better outcome in that subject. Our job is to create the “want-to-be-better” attitude amongst the students and then when progression is made, really boost their confidence to believe in themselves more. Every student is different so needs different care and attention throughout the course.

The year 7s feel a sense of reward from being able to take part in the city building physical activity in the afternoon so work hard to achieve including spending four intensive yet fun-filled hours of learning everyday for five days including confidence tests and exams.

The above shows an insight into the impact we have on the year 7 students, however there is, in different cases, much more to offer the students.

  • Fresh start with new staff
  • Change of scenery for students
  • Speed and momentum of the course
  • Intensive and effective learning patterns
  • Ratio of one staff member per 5 students

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