GCSEs in Maths, English, French, Spanish, German, Science and Geography

We offer tried and tested intensive immersion courses to help you to achieve your EBacc targets.

Our intensive immersion GCSE programmes are delivered throughout the school year and so are suitable for early entry Year 9, Year 10 or Year 11 pupils or even for YR 12 learners working toward a re-take in November.

For our full 15-day GCSE programme, there are five days’ intensive workshops per term, with the same amount of time each term being spent on a series of carefully-structured consolidation tasks fulfilling the GLH requirements. These are structured around highly-motivational online activities to ensure that the appropriate “building blocks” are in place. We can register students, or you can register them yourself if you prefer.

All our GCSE programmes are delivered in a very intensive, immersive manner, by both motivational leads and subject experts. It’s fast, fun and highly challenging. You will find it extremely motivational for students and the benefit of this for their motivation, attitude and confidence will extend across all subject areas. We work in partnership with the school with GCSEs from various boards should you require.

Our methodology for GCSE combines the rigour of academic study with fast-paced activities and challenges, which are great fun and appropriate to the student’s learning style. We incorporate a very structured work plan with rewards built in, with short-term targets always visible.

As a company we are highly skilled in academic study, and have a wealth of experience in delivering intensive academic immersion courses.

  • Highly motivational
  • 3, 5, 8 or 15 days’ intensive intervention with carefully-structured work packs for students to work on for an additional five days per term in their own time

Excellent value for money