High-5 English

What to expect

As with all High-5 programmes the focus is on achieving that all important Grade 5 or C (Wales only). Our partner schools are pleased with their results and we continue to offer partnership to schools to help them achieve the Grade 5 or Cs (Wales only).

If you need support in order to achieve your challenging targets we can help you with retakes, by helping raise confidence to get the Grade 5 or Cs (Wales only) your students and teachers have worked so hard for.

The course

The course, tightly structured around exam requirements, is fast paced and requires full commitment from the students. They will practise exam techniques by carrying out numerous questions both with support and then individually, and honing these until they are truly Grade 5 or C (Wales only) students.

By building confidence in this first term and gaining essential qualifications, many schools find that there is additional positive impact on progress in other subjects and across the curriculum in general.

The school achieved record results for the third year in a row. Our 5A* to C Grades went up from 64% last year to 71% this year and 5A* to C with English, and Mathematics went from 33% last year to 35%.
Our English results were very pleasing with 58% of students achieving C or better and 3 levels progress at 70% with Mathematics at C Grade or better, and 2 levels progress being 42% and 64%.

Phil Jones, Associate Headteacher Alderman Blaxill School

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