5-day intervention

Making the inaccessible Grade 5 accessible

The PET-Xi High-5 programme can boost your learners up a grade to ensure that they either get their Grade 5 or C (Wales only), or their individual target grade.

Aimed at students working at a Grade 3/4 or D (Wales Only) level, however we also provide programmes across all tiers and ability ranges.

  • Motivational, inspirational, fast-paced approach
  • Foundation level programme involves a process of repeat, repeat, review
  • Higher level programme helps learners to truly understand the questions
  • Whichever examining board you use, we can help!
Thanks to PET-Xi, the perception held by our students of maths as an insurmountable obstacle has finally been overcome.Martin Jones, Head Teacher, Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School Birmingham
Thanks for all of the hard work and support you offered our students which clearly helped us achieve our best ever results!Jude Hatfield, Assistant Head Teacher (Maths and Whole School Numeracy) Yewlands School
The regular testing and focus on areas of weakness helped our students become more confident and, along with the extensive additional time our own Year 11 Maths staff gave our students, they helped us to improve our A*-C by 13% this year. Forty of our students participated in the course and 80% of them achieved a grade C in their GCSE Maths.Heather Woolley, Curriculum Area Leader for Mathematics, UCAN