GCSE products

PET-Xi provides intensive results-based interventions for GCSEs.
We are the experts in high-impact motivation, delivering confidence and results time and again.
Working in partnership with schools, we help young people achieve their full potential and reach their chosen destinations, and we raise school performance in the league tables.

Our GCSE High 5 Programmes come with a promise on achievement at the end of the 5 days.

The PET-Xi Promise:

*We promise to move 70% of the target group up a grade over the 5 days, to motivate learners and improve confidence.

70% progression promise (for 70% of the qualifying learners to achieve at least one grade improvement under exam conditions on Day 5 of the programme) is conditional on learners testing within a 2 grade boundary (e.g. 4-5) in the initial assessment on Day 1, achieving 100% attendance and punctuality on the programme. The 70% progression promise will be taken from the number of Training Course Attendees that are initially entered onto the Training Course. If PET fails to hit the 70% target, PET will refund the full amount for each student beneath the target number.