Trainers we LOVE! – Steve Cockett

Steve Cockett is one of PET-Xi’s most enthusiastic trainers. His passion for teaching is incredible and loves being in the classroom, making it a happier and more confident place to learn. We have interviewed Steve to find out his thoughts on PET-Xi and how it has changed his life.


Charlotte Wright, PET-Xi Team Leader

‘’ Steve’s passion and enthusiasm has flourished since starting the PVQ, Steve has completed excellent pieces of work and is using the work he has completed to make him an outstanding support trainer and an asset to the company ’’

Steve in his own words

I love meeting different students form different schools each week/fortnight and helping them achieve their potential.  I get a real buzz when I meet the students at the beginning and sometimes they do not have a great deal of confidence. With patience and enthusiastic encouragement their confidence builds as the week progresses so much so that they are standing up and reading out their answers and showing their work to the rest of the class and helping their other students in the class. I have been told by many students that “they have never worked so hard” and yet “they have enjoyed it” so PET-Xi must have the correct formula!! Meeting and working with different colleagues every week is exciting and refreshing. I learn so much from their different styles and techniques in teaching.


The excitement of high impact courses

I have worked in other schools for other companies which invariably involves working on your own with a full class. Whilst this is enjoyable it is obviously more challenging trying to teach 25-30 pupils rather than 5-6 pupils as with PET-Xi.  This is why it is so good exciting working for PET-Xi because you have the chance to work with smaller groups of pupils and consequently you are able to have a greater impact in helping them achieve their potential.

Tom Fisher, PET-Xi Team Leader talking about Steve

 “Steve has made excellent progress through his PVQ recently. As required he brings his folder to work with him each day, and takes time before the day and during breaks and lunch to document his great work within his PVQ. Since he is a naturally positive and helpful team member he naturally acquires lots of evidence for his folder and is not afraid to ask for help from me as his Team Leader or other staff to fill out witness reviews for him. I fully expect him to finish his PVQ soon and achieve the associated pay-rise in recognition of this. In addition, due to his excellent work on the PVQ and therefore becoming a well-trained member of staff, we will be ensuring he is given priority in the rota. Great work, Steve


A humbling experience

When I am asked if PET-Xi has changed my life I think this must be a rhetorical question. Of course it has changed my life. How could helping others not change your life? I genuinely feel humble to see how the pupils have managed to achieve so much in so little time. We should treasure our youngsters as the gems they are.

Lyn Watson, PET-Xi Team Leader talking about Steve

“Steve is an absolute pleasure to have on a team, he is reliable, engaging and always has a trick up his sleeve!  His input into his PVQ has been fantastic, Steve spends time before the day starts, break and lunch working on his PVQ to produce evidence of a great standard, a true PET-Xi attitude. If only he was on my team!!”

My advice to other trainers

First bit of advice I would give fellow trainers would be, make the course as much fun and relaxing as you can for the students whilst they are learning. If they are enjoying it they will participate more and learn so much more. Never forget that they want your help and giving them your time is so precious to them. If they appear a little reluctant it is because they probably lack in a bit confidence. Do not be afraid to show that you care. Throughout my teaching and coaching I have found that my pupils “do not care what you know until they know that you care”.  What I have found works on numerous occasions with pupils who seem slightly isolated or reluctant to participate is to work with them and let them tell you want they want you to do. For instance if we are doing a poster I will make little suggestions to motivate and inspire them but ask the pupil what they require drawing or what colour I should fill a particular part. I find it works wonders as they feel some control of the situation and it is only when we do not have any control at all that situations can become stressful.

Thank you to everyone at PET-XI for changing my life and I look forward to the year ahead with all of the PET-Xi team!

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