Case Study: Future Shapers

In conjunction with Sheffield Futures, PET-Xi are delivering a Future Shapers programme, developed as an Entry 3 Employability qualification for students in Y9, Y10 and Y11. Here’s some feedback from our Contract Manager, Gary Drake on our time with 14 students from All Saints School in Sheffield.

As a group, the students have successfully completed the ENTRY 3 ASDAN award in Employability, covering the following key elements:

• Maintaining Work Standards

• Overcoming Barriers to work

• Planning and Reviewing Learning

It’s been really encouraging to see the learners show clear improvement in the following areas over the duration of the programme:

• Behaviour

• Attitude

• Timekeeping

• Team working

• Communication

With a fantastic 100% completion and 99% attendance the entire group has been a pleasure to teach, all learners have been respectful and hard-working, clearly enjoying the team building exercises and a level of autonomy. It’s been rewarding to see the students responding well and commenting how they really appreciate having the daily expectations outlined to them each morning, following which they are left to get on with their work, knowing they could ask for assistance at any time.

Students commented that they were delighted to be set clear targets with deadlines, providing them with a sense of independence and individual  accountability. It’s fantastic that the students have really taken ownership of their workload and I have found that praising them regularly really boosted moral.

“Our students’ came back from the PET-Xi course extremely excited and proud of what they had achieved in such a short space of time. They were highly complementary of the staff, especially in the way they would explain and help our students complete the task set. From a school point of view, we are starting to see attitude changes in the students that completed the course which will, in the long term, help them succeed in their GCSE in Y11. It is especially pleasing to see reports from the team that all of our students, in their opinion, had improved in behaviour, attitude, timekeeping and communication. This sort of feedback enables us as a school to reinforce their achievements and set goals for each individual student as they move forward in their education.”

Dave Stokes, Learning Behaviour Assistant, All Saints School

During the week, we wanted to encourage a little fun and competitiveness amongst the learners, and we successfully introduced the raffle ticket incentive to acknowledge and reward various wider key skill attributes, such as:

• Being prompt and arriving on time

• Helping each other and team working

• Completing work to a high standard

• Taking part in group activities

At the end the week, vouchers were given to the two students with the most tickets – it was great success to incentivize the learners as it encouraged them to put in that little extra effort. Myself and Matilda our Classroom support have enjoyed teaching all the students, watching their friendships blossom and their confidence grow.

There have been some unlikely friendships due to mixing up the groups which has been really encouraging. The students commented that they felt more comfortable and relaxed, enabling them to complete their work very quickly and they were ahead of schedule the whole week. All of the students asked if they could return as they enjoyed it so much.

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