Barrier-breaking ‘Xplosive GCSE Maths’ app

Barrier-breaking ‘Xplosive GCSE Maths’ app available for iOS and Android devices helps C/D borderline pupils make the grade

First of its kind for interactive use on and offline covering 40 useful topics

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PET-Xi, experts in high impact motivational programmes, has introduced its barrier-breaking ‘Xplosive GCSE Maths’ app – a revision tool to engage ‘hard-to-reach’ learners and support C/D borderline pupils in their efforts to achieve that all-important C grade.

Packed with short, snappy, fun videos presented in PET-Xi’s unique motivational style, the interactive app is useful for all GCSE students, but especially helpful in engaging kinaesthetic learners, as well as disaffected pupils and others with a short attention span.

“We’re making it easy for teenagers to access the information they need,” said PET-Xi joint managing director Fleur Sexton. “Failure to achieve a C at Maths and English at Year 11 immediately limits a young person’s choices and future potential. But even though they know that, many youngsters are still loath to knuckle down to school work. By offering the app on their phone we are breaking down another barrier to learning – they can hone the basics they need without anyone even knowing what they are doing!

“Mixing both revision videos and practice questions, the app is the first of its kind,” said Fleur. “As well as being the ultimate revision tool, the app is also great as a refresher, even as an aid to homework. Best of all it is truly portable, in that it can be used even when the pupil is offline, syncing up to track progression when internet connection is restored.”

Available for iPhone and Android devices, the app is divided into four sections– Number; Algebra; Shape, Space and Measure, and Handling Data – explaining 40 maths topics in total. After selecting a topic, for example ‘fractions’ within the Number section, the pupil watches a short, highly entertaining video which includes all the key information they need to know about that topic, along with worked Q&As and ‘golden rules’. Each video is presented by a PET-Xi motivational trainer with background animation to bring the subject to life. To maintain the watch-ability factor, some of the videos include PET-Xi trainers undertaking weird challenges, such as eating a raw onion or popping balloons while wearing oven gloves, and explaining that the pupil will understand the topic in less time than it will take to complete the challenge.

After watching the video, as many times as they choose, the pupil answers three randomly generated practice questions, with answers recorded on a progress bar which fills with colour as their percentage of correct responses grows. There are over 100 dynamic practice questions in all to test ability and build confidence and which are suitable for all exam boards.

The app comes free to every pupil who takes a PET-Xi High-5 booster course in maths, as well as being available for schools or parents to buy direct. Four videos and topics are available free as a taster, after which it costs £4 to purchase from the App Store.

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Established in 1995, PET-Xi is a national education training provider working with hundreds of schools across the UK to deliver intensive, immersive, motivational and inspirational interventions that have a positive impact on learner progress – from primary to GCSEs and beyond. Each one is carefully structured to achieve optimal learning.  PET-Xi delivers a portfolio of nationally recognised qualifications and engagement programmes. The company has highly qualified teaching and support staff who are skilled and experienced at raising aspirations and meeting both the academic and pastoral needs of young people, including those with challenging behaviour. Working with a range of key stakeholders including schools, further education colleges and local authorities in community and urban settings, PET-Xi contributes significantly to their organisational targets for retention, achievement and success of young people. In 2013-14, the company worked with almost 300 schools across the country delivering 750 programmes to over 14,500 young people.  Programmes include: GCSE HIGH-5 – a five- day booster aimed at ensuring a Grade C from a Grade D; Employability – a five- day GCSE equivalent qualification and bespoke transition programmes (with embedded English and maths) structured around enterprise. Pet-Xi has recently been awarded the nationally recognised Matrix Standard Accreditation for Information, Advice and Guidance.



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