Aint No Sunshine When It’s Gone…

Summer seems almost a distant memory, fading rapidly into the distance but, we all know that no matter rain or shine the weather doesn’t stop PET-Xi stomping about the country and blasting those young learners with our energy!

I have had a wonderful two weeks up in Felixstowe working on the summer transition courses.  It’s been amazing getting to know the diversity of trainers and the wonderful experience they bring to life in the classroom.  If you read my blogs you know I like to name and shame… So, first week up in Felixstowe while D-Dawg and I were enjoying a quiet evening meal in the Brewer’s Fayre (sounds romantic right?!) we were rudely interupted by a loud guffaw in the corner (can you guess?) it was none other than our very own Zoe H leading her team of minions… now I hadn’t met Zoe before but I did recognise her from various office bump-ins so I had to go over and introduce myself.  Three days later, we are all sat celebrating the end of week one and placing wagers on the PET Dream Team (of course I’m included – DUH!) :) I would also like to add that not only was I privilaged with meeting Zoe, I was also blessed with eight days of working alongside Mr Dave FP – absolute LEGEND!  I am sure if anyone has had the pleasure to work and meet him you would all agree. 

As Felixstowe winds to an end and I endured the long stop-start drive back to Sheffield saddened at having to go back to the norm of listening to Gary go on and on about this and that… mustn’t grumble!

So, transition courses now a memory of the past… the future is quick upon us and we have new courses commencing next week.  The volunteering course will be back up and running at Umix with myself and Jamie as well as a city wide Employability course.  As always we are ready to Cowabung-a PET-Xi attitude all over the next load of unexpecting youths!



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