About PET-Xi




Nationally renowned, we have over 20 years’ experience of working with hundreds of schools across the UK to deliver intensive, results-based interventions for young people who are at risk of not achieving their academic potential.

An expert in high-impact motivational programmes, we aim to use education to break the cycle of disadvantage, believing that education is the strongest, surest means to rebalance social justice.

Each of our courses is carefully structured to achieve optimal learning, each programme is immersive, motivational and inspirational that have a positive impact on learner progress from primary to GCSEs.

We excel at learner engagement, 98% of learners say that their confidence has improved with us. The impact on progress for learners in receipt of pupil premium funding is vital in closing the achievement gap. All programmes deliver better value and better results than one to one revision.

Our unique methodology, is driven by pace and enthusiasm and our staffing structure and programme delivery creates a unique, exciting classroom dynamic that achieves OUTSTANDING lessons each and every time.

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